Growing together in Christ

Ministry Opportunities

Project Uplift

A Church outside the USA or missionary family is chosen to receive a gift of encouragement.  It might be in the form of food, a needed ministry item, physical or maintenance need, or monetary collection.

In 2015, three 55 gal. barrels of food were collected and shipped to the Faith Baptist Church of St. Lucia in the West Indies.  A label with a Bible verse of encouragement was placed on every item sent.  On the day the truck was loaded, every person in the service formed a human chain to pass every item from the auditorium to the truck.  In St. Lucia, every member in the Church received a bag of items and a large parcel was given to a family which had lost everything when their home was destroyed by fire.

Monthly Card Showers

One Sunday, every month, every person present in the morning worship service is given an opportunity to write words of encouragement and sign a card provided by the church.  Even shut-ins, Awana and Youth get involved.  These are then sent in a bulk package to one of our missionary families or other group.          

 Mission Trips

Our Church has a sister ministry in St. Lucia.  There have been five trips taken by us to assist them. These also give a chance to build relationships with believers in another country and give exposure to the joy and challenges of missions.  Some of the ministries done were:

2010 & 2011 – Teamed up with St. Lucians to conduct a Daily Vacation Bible School (of 250+) and shared in Worship Services.  See attached article posted by The Baptist Bulletin Online.

2010 – Emergency Aid after Hurricane Tomas, including assisting with pastoral leadership of FBC, while their pastor worked on repairs to his personal property.  Thousands of dollars of food and aid were purchased, packaged and delivered to the needy of the island.  Their whole Church not only delivered the items but spent hours comforting, praying and sharing the Gospel all over the island.

 2014 – Presented the Gospel in over a dozen of classrooms in 2 public schools and held a rally with over 600 high school students in another. Distributed food packages to many home damaged by floods that year.  Teamed up with FBC for a youth rally and Worship Services.

2015 – Painted face of FBC building, distributed food packages to the needy, and visited a children’s home.  Teamed up with FBC for a whole island youth rally and Worship Services.  Pastor conducted a 3 evening Bible Conference with 6 churches attending.

Christmas Child

This is one of the most popular outreach ministries in the World.  Individuals purchase items for children off a suggested list and place them in a shoe box.  They are collected and shipped to needy children in countries all over the world in time for Christmas.  Included in each box is a copy of Bible literature that presents the Gospel in that national language.  Millions of children have been touched by this ministry.

The Ruth Dinner

A special dinner held in honor of and for our Church’s widows.  It is an evening of food and fellowship to encourage and show these wonderful ladies how much they are loved and appreciated.

Resurrection Sunday & Christmas Cantatas

We are blessed each year by the efforts of our choir to share with us in song the celebration on our Lord’s human birth and bodily resurrection.  Both of these services are favorites of our members and their extended families.



Mother/Daughter Banquet

Whether the theme is a day at the beach or let’s dress up, it is a great time for the woman of the church and their families to come together and enjoy each others company.  There is always a program to challenge and brighten everyone’s day.

Memorial Day Weekend Cookout

Always a great excuse for a special evening for camaraderie.  Held on the Sunday evening, the Pastor and Janet provide the hot dogs and the church members bring the rest. The evening is capped off with a devotional to inspire.

Labor Day Weekend Cookout

Also called by some parents, “Yeah, the kids are back to school!”  This one is also held on Sunday evening. The Church provides the meat and everyone brings their favorite salads and cookout fare.  Everyone has a good time.  Some sit around and talk, while others may have contests in the youth room.  A devotional does conclude the evening.