Growing together in Christ




This well established ministry for children continues to bring clubbers in from all over our community. From Cubbies (preschoolers) to T&T (grades 3-6), all have a packed, full time of  games, handbooks and counsel time.  Almost every meeting on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00pm has a theme with treats and fun for all.  Backwards, Favorite Sports Team , Crazy Hair and Cotton Candy are just a few the of themed nights which gets everyone involved. It is all FREE.  For transportation in the Hessville/Hammond area call 844-6523.

Children’s Church

It is sometimes hard for those under 3th grade to keep involved in the Pastor’s sermon, so to aid them (and their parents) this special time of instruction and activity at their level is offered on Sunday mornings.



Youth Group

Meeting on Wednesday evening (6:30-8:00 pm, September to May) is a combination of area and  church kids who gather for games, food and to just hang out. Activities range from games and   contests in our newly remodeled youth room to sharing truths for life in the Bible discussions, and of course, there is usually a pizza or ice cream sundae to enjoy.


Young Adults

Opportunities to Serve

Our Pastor loves mentoring the future servants of The Lord. All presentations, from messages to Bible studies, are focused to help produce a deeper spiritual walk.  But there is also a strong emphasis on service now.  Our young adults serve faithfully in all aspects of church life.  They serve as trustees and go on mission trips. From the blessings of our Worship Team to being a director in Awana, our young adults are trained and encouraged to be engaged.

Fellowship Times

One of our newest activities, getting together for “fun and fellowship” helps bring an important dimension to the well balanced Christian’s life.



Bible studies

The Bible’s timeless truths are studied in a way that centers not on just the surface that is so common today, but into a deeper knowledge of God and His Ways. Both the studies on Sunday and Wednesday evenings are in a more informal setting, with discussion and questions encouraged. We believe that knowledge without personal application to one’s life keeps us from receiving the full benefit of what God has for those who seek. Down to earth, practical insights as to how the Word of God affect everyday life is a central theme of all studies.

Sunday School

This traditional Sunday morning study of the Scripture continues to be a favorite of many of the more mature believers. Class size is small to allow for a more intimate setting and opportunity for interaction. Whether the combined or just ladies, classes serve as a way of receiving additional teaching of the Bible and preparation for the morning service.


While the Worship Team leads the singing in the morning service, our choir opens our worship each week. There is always room for someone who loves to honor The Lord in song but prefers to not go solo.



Wednesday Encouragement Time

One of our most impactful ministries, the ladies gather in the morning (10 am) to send out cards (to the sick, missionaries, shut-ins, etc.), share praises and fellowship.  A time of prayer closes the hour, which is often followed with lunch in one of the local restaurants.



Golden Generation

Special outings and events several times a year give the retirees, and any who want to tag along, a chance to have fun and make memories with the mature brothers and sisters in Christ. Transport is often in one of the church vans, adding to the comradery of the event.



In Home Services

The Church is not the building, but the people. When members are unable to attend regular  services because of illness or age, they are encouraged to ask for an In Home Service. A group of about a dozen comes and holds a short service of singing, reading of the Scriptures, testimonies   and prayer. The leader shares a brief devotional of encouragement, followed by observance of The Lord’s Supper. If the host is up to it, often there is a time of light snacks and fellowship. This is an effective way of reminding the home bound that they are still an important part of our Church.



Ride in a Church van or members car is offered to those who need a way to Sunday AM and Wednesday PM services and activities. Call (219) 844-6523 to arrange pickup.